Fright Night in the Library

By Mrs Howorth, Librarian

Ghoulish Time in the Library

After many years' absence Friday 13th ‘Fright Night’ returned to the Library!

Staff and students enjoyed a truly horrific menu of stories. Tales included extracts from Apuleius ‘The Golden Ass’ (from around the end of the second century ce), the story of Pentheus and Agave, Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ (1818) and Stephen King’s ‘IT’ (1986), demonstrating that we have loved to be horrified by gruesome tales for time immemorial!

Many thanks to the readers, all were excellent tales executed in a dark and spooky Library. There was also the opportunity to take Dr Who ‘Avenging Angel’ selfies and enjoy the refreshments on offer. Thanks also to the Catering Department for providing creepy cupcakes for us all to enjoy. 

The Library has a fantastic stock of both classic and modern horror books - all part of our reading for pleasure initiatives and also our new ‘Well Read at Felsted’ reading challenge (of which, more later…)