Fossils and Faith: Visitors from the Faraday Institute for Year 7 & 8

Year 7 & 8 TEP classes have had visitors to their classes this week to participate in a workshop entitled 'Fossils and Faith' hosted by some extremely talented Christian scientists from the Faraday Institute which is run by Cambridge University. The workshop allowed the classes to explore huge questions such us 'Where did life come from?' 'What is science?' 'How does science work?' 'When did life begin?' 'Why are we here?!'

In addition to these discussions they also got the chance to meet many fossils and bones some of which were millions of years old! Unfortunately some were replicas as the real ones are priceless artefacts locked up in a vault in Cambridge University! All of the sessions started with a fabulous science experiment to spark all our curiosities as to how the world and the universe works and why we as humans are so curious about the workings of it.


The culmination of the sessions invited our pupils to consider our fantastic and enormous privilege to merely exist in and on a planet that is just over 4.5 billion years old and for our species and indeed us as individuals to be playing a tiny part of the 'story of life' that began on this planet 3.7 billion years ago. Science most certainly gives us the workings, mechanisms and evidence of all this but we were also encouraged to consider our meaning and purpose and how, much like our hosts, we can simultaneously believe in the above and also be a Christian.