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Felsted School Partners with Remap Charity in Innovative Project to Support People with Dementia

Felsted School Partners with Remap Charity in Innovative Project to Support People with Dementia

by Mrs C Bury

In a bid to foster connections to the wider world and make a positive impact on the community, Felsted School proudly announces its collaboration with Remap, a renowned charity dedicated to creating bespoke devices that enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities. At the heart of Felsted School's ethos is the commitment to extending its influence beyond the classroom, and the partnership with Remap aligns perfectly with this mission.

Remap, known for its work in utilising design and technology to craft custom devices not commercially available, has found an eager ally in Felsted School's STEM team. Our students are enthusiastically taking on the challenge of developing two memory light-up devices designed to support individuals living with dementia. This innovative initiative aims to demonstrate how science, design, and technology skills acquired in the classroom can be harnessed for tangible, real-world impact.

Last Thursday, Felsted's STEM team engaged in a collaborative session with volunteer engineers and electronics specialists to plan and create these specialised devices. The emphasis on bespoke solutions distinguishes this project from conventional approaches, highlighting the commitment to addressing specific needs that cannot be met through off-the-shelf products.

Upon completion, these memory light-up devices will be distributed to those in need within the community.  This venture is not merely a one-off event; rather, we hope it marks the initiation of an ongoing project wherein students will continue leveraging their skills to address pressing issues and positively impact the world around them.

Felsted School extends its thanks to Remap Charity for partnering in this transformative project. The charity's expertise and commitment to empowering young minds are invaluable assets in shaping the next generation of socially conscious individuals. As the project unfolds, Felsted School remains dedicated to inspiring students to channel their education into meaningful actions, proving that the lessons learned in the classroom have the power to bring about real change in the wider world.


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