Felspell School of Magic Inspires Local Children

by Mrs C Bury, Assistant Head Academic

30 Year 5 pupils from 15 schools across Essex were recently welcomed to Felsted as part of Felsted Preparatory School’s ongoing School Partnership Programme.

Forget Hogwarts! The children were welcomed to ‘Felspell School of Magic, Witchcraft and Wizardry’. From dragon fire to colour changing potions, the pupils were immersed in a totally magical educational experience. 

Pupils took part in Science workshops, designed to challenge young minds. The activities were a captivating blend of scientific exploration and imaginative storytelling. The aim was to integrate chemistry concepts with magical elements to create an engaging and educational experience for the students.


Pupils learnt about the ‘Magic Metal Magnesium’ in their Potions Class. They gained an insight into the reactivity of metals and used flame testing techniques to develop their understanding. They investigated acids and alkalis in their Herbology lesson and the ‘Care of Magical Creatures Class’ taught them about reptiles and their adaptations.

Felsted Prep School’s Director of Learning, Mrs Christina Bury comments: ‘The children greatly enjoyed the activities on offer and really rose to the educational challenge. The visiting pupils were a credit to their schools and all built their understanding of Chemistry through the breadth of learning experiences across both the Prep and Senior School Science laboratories.’

This innovative approach to education proved to be a resounding success, providing students with a unique and memorable experience. The magical chemistry day not only nurtured a love for science but also ignited creativity and curiosity in the minds of the students, showcasing the potential for integrating diverse subjects in education.

Special thanks to the organisers, educators, and students who contributed to the success of the event. This collaborative effort exemplifies the potential for innovative and immersive educational experiences as well as building partnerships with schools across the county.