Elwyns House Fundraising

by Oli P, L6 

Elwyn’s has spent much of this year raising money for our fantastic house charity Magic Bus.

Firstly, we raise money every day through our tuck shop which our very own Matron runs every lunch time. Within our tuck shop we sell baked goods, noodles and mixed variety sweet bags for £1 each. We started this way back in September of 2023 and now have raised over £500. In addition to this we have raised money for the Magic Bus Foundation by selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts in house for £1.50 each. After the success of our first week, we will definitely be repeating this again. On the first day alone we sold out of all 60 doughnuts by 11:15am that morning. This meant we raised £590. 

Our big fundraising project for the year is going to be attempting, as a house, to complete a marathon in under 2 hours. Everyone in the house will run in 200m stints in order to finish in under 2 hours, with some people running the course multiple times, some people just there to take part. We hope to raise money from friends and families sponsoring the participants and also sales from food and drink stands. This will hopefully top up our already successful fundraising for this great charity.

In the first week of the Easter holidays two members of Elwyn House, Oli P and Edo M, are lucky enough to be travelling with the school out to Mumbai to visit the Magic Bus Foundation where we will witness first hand the incredible impact their work is doing with the people of Mumbai.

What are the two boys most looking forward to?

Oli P - I am most looking forward to experiencing the different culture there and finding out where all our donations go and how our donations are having a positive impact on people’s lives.

Edo M - I’m most looking forward to taking the opportunity of having a positive impact on people and helping them. I think the fact that there's a chance to help another person in such a way with so many other people is a unique thing I’ve been presented with and I’m very much looking forward to creating that positive impact as it’s what people really need.