Economics & Business trip to New York

by Jemima L

On Saturday 21 October, the Business and Economics students endured an 8 hour flight over to the bustling economic metropolis that is New York City. Along with the usual NY hotspots such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Rockefeller Centre, where a panoramic view of the entirety of New York left most of us small-town students speechless, we also had the opportunity to visit the 9/11 memorial, which left us more educated to the context of the event and the personal stories behind it. 

As economics permeates almost every aspect of our lives, even walking around the city provided us with insight on the complexity of the subject and its importance, and partaking in activities that required us to run around the commercial giant that is ‘Macy’s’ made the trip simultaneously educational and enjoyable. Our visit to Wall Street not only entailed an informative live presentation of the market crash in 2008 by Mr Barrett and how the stock market affected this, but also afforded us the opportunity to (hopefully) become millionaires by touching the Bull of Wall Street. 

Trips to Brooklyn and the famous ‘Gleasons’ Gym (home of Ali & Tyson) via the Brooklyn Bridge and early morning runs through Central Park only elevated the excitement and enjoyment of the trip. Arguably the most valuable experience of this trip though was the visit to the international investment company, Cerberus. Here we were educated on the inner workings of the firm and had the opportunity to network with some of the employees about the development of their careers and their experiences working within a multinational company.

A fantastic trip and a massive thank you to all the staff and pupils who made it the enjoyable experience that it was.