Economics and Business Pupils Excel in the Stock Market

By Ruby R, Year 13

On Thursday 2 February, the Economics and Business Society hosted their inaugural event in the Marshall Centre. In collaboration with AmplifyME, eighty students from the Lower and Upper Sixth took part in an investment banking simulation competition. The purpose of the simulation was to actively train students how investment banking works and teach the skills which are used day to day in the finance world. 

The event kicked off with a short reception, an opportunity to mingle with drinks and canapes, before we began an induction session introducing the simulation, the world of investment banking and the importance of market awareness. Then, we moved onto the simulation, where each participant was a project manager for twenty million dollars which you could invest into BitCoin, Meta, Tesla, Apple and/or Amazon. 

The simulation mimicked twelve months on the stock market in forty minutes with pieces of news being released every minute so that we could react and quickly buy or sell to make a profit. It was fascinating to learn about the tremendous impact simple news stories can have upon the stock market. The competition was judged by not only the highest PnL (profit and loss) but also the quality of risk management, which I was fortunate enough to win. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to put into practice some of the theories taught in the classroom and gave us a real insight into the possibilities of working in finance in the future.