Drama & Media Trip to Los Angeles

by Mrs Donaldson

In the second week of the half term holiday, Mr Mann, Miss Donaldson and I led a Drama and Media trip to Los Angeles, accompanied by 32 fantastic, highly energetic Felstedians.  Our itinerary was packed meaning that by the night time lights out in the hotel, we found that most pupils were already sound asleep!  We visited the Warner Bros Studio, Hollywood, Universal Studios (including ‘Fright Night’) Santa Monica (Pier), Venice Boardwalk Downtown LA, Grand Central Market, Academy Museum, the Museum of Motion Pictures,  University of Southern California, Griffith Observatory, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.  The group grew to be great friends over the trip and many members of the public took the time to praise their exemplary behaviour and manners.  A particular highlight of the trip was seeing the city by night at the Griffith Observatory; there were not that many other people visiting and it gave us all a chance to reflect on the wonderful things that we had experienced in the city. 

by Owen W and Mylana L

From the 28 October to the 4 November, students from Year: 10, 11, 12 and 13 went to Los Angeles California for a Drama and Media trip. It was an incredible experience with many memories made, one highlight included cycling along Venice Beach before an afternoon on the Santa Monica Pier. Personal highlights included the Halloween ‘Fright Night’ at Universal studios, where we visited horror houses revolving around ‘The Last Of Us’ and ‘Stranger Things’, while other members of my group braved ‘The Exorcist’ themed horror house; a few of us decided to sit that one out!

Furthermore, the abundance of shopping sprees allowed for us (especially Isla) to engage with the myriad of shops scattered around the city. The various restaurants we visited provided us with a diverse array of options (unless you were a vegetarian), as well as allowing us to have some downtime following a busy day. ‘Mel’s Diner’ and ‘Bubba Gump’ were particular highlights when it came to food, not to mention the many opportunities for us to venture out within the city’s various food halls in our respective groups and decide on where to eat ourselves.

Having the opportunity to cycle along Venice Beach before spending an afternoon at Santa Monica Pier was one of the absolute pleasures that came with the trip. Everyone made the most of their time at the Pier, especially Sammy and Jesse who bought unlimited access to all the rides for the day and Natalie, who was able to get a few free rides out of Ava! Many memories were made on this trip, all of which we will all look back on fondly, including: the tour around the WB backlots and soundstages, the Downtown LA and Hollywood behind-the-scenes tours, the Academy museum or the incredible members of staff enlightening us all with a trip to the cinema to watch ‘Five Nights At Freddy's’ on our first evening.

Special thanks to Mrs Donaldson, Miss Donaldson and Mr Mann for the incredible experience, as well as our tour guide Tony and Lisa the bus-driver.