Computer Science

By Ms Price

Computer Science

In Computer Science this term we are building and programming robots, launching a satellite and entering national competitions.

CanSat Competition: Aiming for the Stars!
Written by Lois P, Mae P, Olivia W & Freya P

In October 2022, a small group of computer scientists in Year 11 came together to build, code and design a satellite in an attempt to improve their abilities in both Computer Science and Design and Technology. We entered a nationwide competition, directed by the ESA, named CanSat. With the goal to allow our satellite to be launched into space in early March. We have explored the impacts of space and have come up with a design. Our design consists of an ecosystem module made to create a small biodiverse environment when the CanSat lands.

Our satellite, named Astynax, has become the centre of our attention, allowing us to flex our design, coding and technical skills. Taking time out of our own days, we all come together to improve our design for Astynax with the hopes of creating a wave in the competition and gaining recognition for our hard work and enthusiasm. Not only do we have to design and program the satellite, we also have to have an outreach program, to show the wider world what we are doing (@astynaxcan: which you can view on both Instagram and Twitter).

Our group consists of four Year 11s: Lois P, Mae P, Olivia W & Freya P

BEBRAS Competition:

Arthur MB & Jake B were Best in School for the Seniors & Inters categories

In December, Computer Science students in Y9 to U6 entered the annual BEBRAS computational thinking competition. The following students were awarded the title of ‘Best in School’ for their respective age groups: Fynn AG (Elite), Arthur MB (Seniors) and Jake B (Inters). Overall we achieved a bumper 30 Distinctions and 41 Merits, which is a wonderful achievement. 

What are We Studying at the Moment?
Year 9 students are learning all about how computers use binary to store information, characters and images. Year 10 students are learning about different types of networks. Whilst Year 11 are honing their Python skills in preparation for the next round of the Perse computing Challenge, which takes place at the end of January.

Physical Computing
This term in co-curricular physical computing, we are building and programming our Vex robots. Early days yet, but the building is progressing well. We will be adding sensors so we can play freeze-tag with our robots.

Lois P Finn B & Gabriel S