Co-Curricular DTE (Spring Term '24)

by Mr D Maclean, Head of DTE (Felsted Prep)

Our DTE co-curricular pupils go from strength to strength.  Each week sees pupils learning and developing new skills and techniques helping them advance as fantastic engineers who can problem solve and create at the same time.

Term 1 - Iconic Designers - Gerrit Reitveld

Pupils looked at the work of famous furniture designer Gerrit Reiveld and reproduced scale versions of his famous ‘Red and Blue Chair’.  Pupils used their Maths skills to work out the scale calculations and their excellent accurate practical skills to produce their versions of the chair.


Bluetooth Speakers

Pupils are currently finalising their practical outcomes for the bluetooth speaker brief they were set in November. See the amazing photos below for the work in progress and final stages of production of the DTE pupils’ speakers.





Alongside the bluetooth speaker brief, a small group of pupils are working alongside the REMAP charity to manufacture 2 games consoles to support people with dementia. Pupils are just about to embark on the complex electronics section of this joint project.