Cloisters News (Week 10 - Spring Term 2024)

By Mrs G Paine, Head of Cloisters

New and Events
This week saw one of the most inspiring and emotional league events of the Cloisters calendar. League cross country is an incredible event which celebrates such a broad spectrum of human characteristics and some of the most important values we can instill in children. 

The skill and dedication to place in such an incredible race
The children, dressed in league colours and sporting some slightly questionable face paint and glitter, started their lap around Follyfield together as a group. A mix of ages, leagues and adults and children, they made their way across the course; mud, banks, ditches and straights made it a real challenge. The determination was etched on the faces of all  as they raced, ran and jogged to complete the lap and earn points for their league. There were sprinters like Fred W and River C who astounded with their pace and clear love of the sport and there were dedicated runners who gave everything they had just to get to the end. 

The commitment to the league
Running is not everyone’s favourite activity but all children showed their dedication to their league and did the absolute best they could to ensure that they contributed to the incredible league totals that were collected. 

The community and the team 
The most spectacular element by far was the pure sense of community shown by these incredible children. It was more than a clap of encouragement, it was siblings and friends racing alongside others who were struggling; it was cheers and well chosen words to inspire others to continue. It was every member of our Prep School coming together to praise and appreciate, to support and to encourage. 

It really was everything about being a Felstedian, showcased on a gloriously sunny afternoon. Certainly an event which will remain with everyone who took part.

Our Celebrations
This week we would like to celebrate the following: 

Top readers this week:
Oli RB has been incredible this year and is the first to reach 4 million words read, what an achievement! Connor T has reached his second million and Cam D has read half a million words, well done all!

Challenge accepted:
Alyse DB has been working her way through the 'Little People, Big Dreams' books at pace, will she break the library scanner?

Took a chance:
Teddy Bi is one of the first to try a new copy of 'The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig', I think it's funny and I hope he does too.

Our Values:

  • Welcoming - Teddy Bu - bringing joy and happiness to his peers and always having the most incredible smile
    Zara L - being a good friend and positive role model 
    Elsa K, Darcy R - being excellent buddies for new children in school
  • Fun - Rosie C - showing her awesome sense of humour and fun when rehearsing for Matilda
    Seb B - showing his incredible sense of humour and always looking amazingly smart
  • Inspirational - Lucia W, Alice T, Murewa B - showing commitment and dedication even when it is tough
  • Adventurous - Isabelle S - showing her ability to think outside the box
    River C - pushing himself and persevering 
  • Respectful - Leon N - encouraging others to do the right thing
    Khider F - for showing commitment and dedication  
    Evie B, Oliver B - being thoughtful and helpful to others and always spotting when others need it

Cloistarians of the Week:

  • Iris H (Year 5) for being a happy ray of sunshine through Cloisters and embracing every element of Felsted life. Although she is leaving us, she will always be a true Felstedian
  • Ethan C (Year 6) for displaying a calm maturity throughout his time in Year 6. He has persevered in his learning across the curriculum and really pushed himself to achieve

Our Notices

  • Please can I ask that all items of clothing brought into school by children be fully named. 
    We seem to be losing lots of items of uniform this term and it is challenging to identify and return it if it is not named - so thank you in advance for this. 
  • Please could I also ask that children check their bags at home for any kit which may not belong to them and return these items to school.
  • Friday 19 April - Live Bake Off Final