Classics Trip to Greece

by Jasmine W and Logan C

Over the half term, we were lucky enough to travel around Greece on the Classics trip. As someone who didn’t study Classics for GCSE, I found it to be a great opportunity to enlighten myself on what I hadn’t learnt before in the classroom, and also introduce me to the world I was entering at A Level.

On the first day, we explored the famous Acropolis, visiting extraordinary sites such as the Temple of Athena Nike, the Theatre of Dionysus, and of course, the Parthenon. After eating a delicious lunch at a local Greek taverna, we headed to Delphi where we visited the Temple of Apollo, on Mount Parnassus, where the oracle was said to have foretold the future. Having seen the ocean en route, our next stop was Olympia which was the home of the Ancient Olympic Games. We saw the famous Stadion, which was the track they used hundreds of years ago and indeed even held our own sprint race. Better luck next year Mr Quinlan! Next we visited “the Parthenon of the Peloponnese”, the Temple of Apollo at Bassae and enjoyed the spectacular view of the mountains.

On the last day, we visited several ancient sites, including possibly the best theatre in the ancient world at Epidauros. Several students performed in the orchestra, and even a whisper can be heard at the top of the tiered seating.

One of the other highlights was Corinth. This was a very interesting place because it wasn’t as well-preserved as the structures on the Acropolis but it gave us a clue as to daily life since it is a whole town. It was quite fun for this reason as it was like piecing an ancient puzzle together. A good example of this was walking down the old roads and seeing the rows of structures that were clearly shops one day. It was also the place where the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians was delivered.

After five fully packed days and a midnight flight home, we now have a much better understanding of Ancient Greece.

Thank you to Miss McLaren, Mr Quinlan and Mrs Clark for an amazing trip and we look forward to going to Rome next year!