CCF - Field Exercise

Last month the CCF deployed to Colchester on an overnight field training exercise.  The aim of the exercise was to introduce new recruits to basic fieldcraft skills and to develop the military skills and leadership of the more senior cadets.

On the 28 September Felsted School CCF travelled to Cherry Tree Camp in Colchester to begin our 24 hour exercise. After we finished up with all our admin and eaten our packed lunches we set out onto the training area. The recruit cadre (Year 10 and new Year 12’s) spent the afternoon on a rotation of lessons which had been planned and executed by the Year 12 SNCO’s. The lessons consisted of camouflage and concealment, basha (tarpaulin shelter) building, how and why things are seen, hand signals and obstacle crossing with and without a weapon system. All lessons were taught passionately which kept the recruit cadre fully engaged throughout the day. As the sun set they cooked their military rations and were then taught a lesson by Major Palmer and Cadet RSM Oly F about vision and noise at night. They then used this knowledge on a night navigation task, in which they attempted to sneak up on enemy (Year 12) positions.   

Cadet JNCOs receiving their safety brief

The JNCOs, on the other side of the training area, spent Thursday learning and revising their advanced fieldcraft skills, such as giving fire commands and learning tactics for section attacks. Their evening consisted of setting up a camp and eating their rations before setting off on a mission under the cover of darkness to spy on an enemy camp and gather vital information about them. The rest of the evening was spent winding down and then sleeping under a basha (or trying to!). After having a light spot of rain overnight the JNCOs awoke with energy, packed up camp, loaded magazines and set off back to Cherry Tree camp. On their way back, they heard that there was an enemy position in the area. Led by Cadet Cpl Rory C they patrolled the area before coming under enemy fire. After clearing multiple enemy positions they regrouped and joined the rest of the contingent in time for the awarding of promotions. 

Cadet JNCOs taking part in advanced fieldcraft training

A final congratulations to all those who participated and received their promotions. A special congratulations to Aidan P on his promotion to Cadet SSgt and to Monty C and Ethan L who both were promoted to Cadet CSM.