Being a Full Boarder at Felsted Prep

By Mr and Mrs Thomas, House Parents - Hamilton House

As boarding House Parents, we are often asked 'what exactly is a Full Boarder?' This week we interviewed our Year 8 Full Boarders and asked them to explain.

What does being a full boarder mean?
Being at school during the term and staying in Hamilton House on the weekend.
Being an independent young person.
Understanding others and being tolerant.
Welcoming to new people.
Having a close group of friends with you 24/7.

What’s the best thing about full boarding?
Being part of a big boarding family.
Activities on the weekend, we have lots of variety.
Teachers on hand to always help you with prep or revision.
Balance between chilling and being busy.
No travelling to and from school - more time to relax.
Cook hole to do our own cooking.
Brunch at the LRH on Sunday.

Do you get homesick?
Yes, at the start, but not now.
Not really, you soon settle down and its lots of fun to miss home too much.

Can you describe your boarding in Hamilton House?
Exciting, fun, you grow as a young person, become independent and more responsible, challenging (at times).
What are you looking forward to in Year 9 as Full Boarders?
Growing in independence.
Seeing friends that used to board in Hamilton House.
Trips with all the other full boarders.
Being in a bigger boarding house.