Badminton Match Report - 10.10.23

Felsted vs Bishop's Stortford College  - Tuesday 10 October 2023

This was a very enjoyable fixture with an exceptional standard of play and excellent competition. It was a pleasure to watch the high levels of competition in the games played by Bowen, David, Will and Munna. 

Bishop's Stortford’s top pairings were very experienced and provided strong opposition for our players, but it was pleasing to see so many closely contested points and numerous games won and lost by small margins. Mansur and Joshua played effectively and won every match they played, and there were numerous games won and excellent sportsmanship demonstrated by Ben, Natalie, Elsa, Oscar and Grace. The fixture resulted in a draw (4-4).

There was a positive atmosphere and much enthusiasm displayed throughout the afternoon, and so many players were keen to challenge the opposition to a number of friendly games beyond the requirements of this fixture. The camaraderie and sportsmanship demonstrated between the two schools was exceptional. Felsted badminton players should be proud of how they represented the school. 

Bowen R, David Q, Will C, Munna K, Mansur O, Joshua P, Ben L, Natalie O, Elsa L, Oscar T, Grace P.