Anti-Bullying Week Reflections

by Mr A Manley, Head of PSHE

It was wonderful to see so many different colours, stripes and spots on Monday morning as we celebrated the start of nationwide annual Anti-Bullying Week. This has remained our focus over our Prep School assemblies on Monday and Tuesday. 

In PSHE we have explored the theme further. There have been various in-class conversations happening around the definition of bullying and how this differs from banter (the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks). These boundaries can sometimes be blurred so it is important that we remain vigilant and know which people in our support network (both in and out of school) can help us if we feel uncertain. 

We continue to educate our pupils to use STOP - Several Times On Purpose and Start Telling Other People approach to both identify and report bullying behaviour. 

There were some beautiful poems written by our Prep Children under the theme of ‘Make a Noise’ about bullying and I hope you enjoy seeing a few from the collection below. 

Well done to all of our Prep School pupils for focussing on such an important theme.


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