Young Voices

Taking 80 children to the O2 in London to sing with 8000 other school children may sound like quite a difficult task... But, when the children are as amazing as our Young Voices choir, it makes it all very worthwhile!

The Young Voices choir have surpassed themselves this year, learning a wide variety of different songs since September. Last Tuesday (29 January) the children rehearsed from 2.30pm - 6 and then performed in the evening concert alongside a huge number of other schools. 

Highlights for me were the wide variety of songs - ranging from Traditional American medleys, 80's pop, Moana and the Greatest Showman. Singing with Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet was another highlight - the whole arena shouting 'Gold' and the staff and parents singing along to 'True'! (The children were quiet for this one as they'd never heard it!).

The dance moves with the street dance group 'Urban Strides', lit up the arena - the children and adults all performing together was a real spectacle. Beau Dermott (from Britain's got Talent fame) sang 'Defying Gravity' from 'Wicked' - which had a few of us in tears!

The smiles, laughs, energy and enthusiasm was incredible. The intense concentration on the dance moves (with some of our own thrown in!), not to mention the concentration on trying to spot their parents in the crowd, was amazing.
A long day, a long journey back to school, meant lots of tired children and teachers the next day. But, I think you'll agree, it was well worth it.

Thank you to you all for your co-operation with organising this event. Thank you to the staff for their amazing hard work and AMAZING dancing during the day, and to Erika for keeping me organised!
A huge thank you to our fantastic choir.

Rachel Clarke - Assistant Director of Music 


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