Year 9 Drama at Home

Have you wondered how Drama had adapted to online lessons?  Two of our Year 9 pupils give an insight into distance learning for Drama within Felsted at Home 2021…

Jorja B
Online drama this term for me has been fun and engaging. Multiple lessons have taken place away from the screen which has helped hugely and been much more enjoyable. For example, covering our topic of ‘Murder Mystery’ our tasks have included finding possible ‘murder weapons’ throughout the house and creating an alibi for the given suspects.

My personal favourite was watching a ‘Murder Mystery’ film. Overall it has been pleasant and exciting, with a different twist each lesson. 

Sebastian S
This term during our online drama we have been studying ‘Murder Mystery’, I have thoroughly enjoyed this topic as we have got some time away from screens so we can rest our eyes.

The most enjoyable thing we have done so far has been finding the murder weapons around the house. I would like to continue with this topic and I would like to try an escape room online. Overall Drama has been fun and engaging so far.


Drama at Felsted