The Welkin - New Views Theatre visit

13 students. 3 teachers.  
1 life in the hands of 12 women.

On 25 February, a handful of aspiring playwrights and the members of the U6 A Level drama group, ventured down to the National Theatre along with a couple of teachers to watch 'The Welkin' by Lucy Kirkwood.  We were instantly transported to rural Suffolk, 1759 with the life of a young woman resting precariously in the hands of 12 other women. Immediately the stakes were high and we were anxious from the beginning.

The play was incredible from the point of having 12 women on stage most of the time and women being portrayed as strong characters, standing up against stereotypes and misogyny; it was extremely empowering and very relevant to the modern day.

This was an incredibly valuable experience, especially from the point of view of a New Views member as we have our first deadline on the 26 February for the first draft of our plays.  Watching live theatre is deeply inspiring and always conjures up new ideas and sparks new thoughts.  

By Franky S, Yr 12.

Drama at Felsted