The Show must go on!

This year’s School production will be like no other!  Infact, it will not be one production but three and they will be streamed in the Spring of 2021.  

Prior to COVID-19 the Performing Arts department were making preparations for a play year; we had selected a script and had secured rights.  When COVID-19 struck we re-evaluated and found an alternative play that with careful set design and direction could facilitate social distancing.  

We chose Bryony Lavery’s superb ‘Treasure Island’.  Since then, we have made year group casts from Yr 10 and separately Lower Sixth, including a number of pupils who will take responsibility for set, lighting, sound, costume and stage management.  

Moreover, Yr 9 have formed two casts to create their own show in two acts, ‘Two’ by Jim Cartwright and a Musical Theatre Showcase, again with their own tech team.  Auditions were completed in September and once again we were delighted to see the incredible talents of our Felstedians.  

Rehearsals have begun in earnest and it has been wonderful to be working creatively face to face with pupils once more.    

Melanie Donaldson, Director of Performing Arts

Drama at Felsted