Sana and Charles Perform at the BBC Proms

By Sana A-J (Yr 13)

Sana A-J and Charles C-P (Yr 13) spent the two and a half weeks at Nottingham university for two of the National Youth Orchestra (NYO)'s four summer residencies. During this time we rehearsed for our concert at Saffron Hall with soloist Jess Gillam, our concert at Birmingham Symphony Hall and for our performance at the BBC Proms with soloist Nicola Benedetti. 


Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, the orchestra had to be split into three groups so whilst we were on this course, Shesh A-J (Yr 11) was on another residency with NYO in Birmingham and performed at Leeds Town Hall. For all of us it was amazing to be back with everyone at NYO and to be able to rehearse together in real life and perform to a live audience. 


Finishing off the residency performing at the Royal Albert Hall at the BBC Proms was the highlight of the course especially as the NYO prom was cancelled last year due to Covid-19.