Reflections on Drama lessons through a laptop

By Bella O, Year 12

During the lockdown period, our L6th Drama class have been attending our lessons online. While this may sound odd to some - how can you have a drama lesson at home?! - Our class have been exploring many interesting aspects of our course during this time. 
One of my personal highlights was our lesson on Splendid’s production of ‘Doctor Faustus’ where we were told we had 15 minutes to search around our homes to create a costume for ourselves that mimicked one of the characters from the play. This led to a mad dash around my house to find suitable clothes and what we all found was how fun it can be to use your imagination to create inventive costumes in a very limited time frame. 

Another part of our online lessons I have enjoyed is being able to watch fantastic, high quality productions at home through online theatre streaming. This has allowed us to see some incredible productions such as Complicite’s ‘The Encounter’ and Simon Stone’s ‘Yerma’. After watching, we discussed the productions on a video call, explaining what we liked and what we thought was interesting. 
Having our drama lessons at home has provided our class with many different opportunities we may not have had whilst being at school and I have thoroughly been enjoying the lessons so far. 

Drama at Felsted