Prep Art Department Support League Music Competition

We have been back in the art room this term YIPPEEE! With the excitement of League music fizzing in the air, Year 5 have been creating giant musical instruments. Drums, guitars and saxophones have been adorned with League colours and mascots ready to decorate the Roed Hall. Year 6 have designed and made their own League flags painting and embellishing their creations with song lyrics and messages of their Leagues certain victory! 


Year 8 have explored how everyday objects can become pieces of art with the help of Michael Craig-Martin, experimenting with shape, scale and colour. Here are Toby W and Raghav A to explain how.

In art lessons this term, we have been developing our drawing skills, we have been inspired by an artist called Michael Craig- Martin. He is a contemporary artist and takes human made objects, changes the colour and the scale and turns them into pieces of art. What I find most interesting is how Michael Craig Martin decides the colour by the material and how to make an everyday object a piece of art.

How to make a flat shape into a 3D form is the question raised in Year 7. Using tone to create form in their work pupils have developed understanding of Renaissance drawing techniques. Graduated tone has been used to produce some amazing 3D drawings of hands. Portraiture is the next exciting challenge.   

As we move towards the second half of term where many more artistic adventures await Thank you to all the pupils for your boundless energy and creative genius!!! 


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