'One Man, Two Guvnors' Drama Trip

On Thursday 26th September, drama students and staff travelled to Cineworld to watch a digital recording of the production of ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’.

It was a brilliantly comedic play that featured the Emmy award winner and 'Late late show' host James Cordon as the foolish lead actor; Francis Henshall. 

The play follows Francis’ hectic journey whilst being a servant to two different masters, who unbeknown to him were indeed lost lovers!

The production was based on Carlo Goldoni's Commedia dell'Arte inspired ‘A servant to two masters’; many Sixth Form students were able to identify the links between the characters within this original play and the more modern adapted version watched mere nights ago. 

There were many instances when myself, and the audience fell into convulsive, unstoppable fits of laughter, proving the play to be fabulously funny. I cannot begin to describe the recognition which this play deserves, but instead insist that anyone who wishes to have a night of fun should consider buying tickets to watch the screening. The best play I have seen to date!

Jasmine Irvine-Scott, Year 12