Lamda Results - 100% Pass Rate!

Congratulations to each and every Felstedian who took their Lamda exam in September 2020, after exams were postponed from May due to COVID-19.

Learners rehearsed and practised their text, monologues, staging, songs and speeches through online classes during the lockdown period and maintained their performances throughout the summer, keeping everything fresh and alive.

The students' dedication to the exams certainly paid off and we are ecstatic to announce a 100% pass rate with results ranging from high Merits - Distinctions. Our medal students (grade 6 and above) all received Distinction therefore gaining the highest amount of UCAS points offered by Lamda.

This is an amazing achievement at any given time but given the obstacles COVID-19 threw at us, we are even more delighted.

LAMDA at Felsted