LAMDA Exams 2021

A small number of Felsted Senior School Pupils took their LAMDA Examinations in March 2021, with great results once again!

Preparations for the exams were not as one would normally expect with pupils only having a couple of lessons in the classroom to practice just before the exam - another resilient group of learners. Congratulations to them all. 

Here are the results:

  • Henry T Speaking in Public Grade 3 Distinction
  • Xiaolun Y Speaking in Public Grade 4 Merit
  • Luca D Solo Acting Grade 4 Distinction 
  • Niamh L Speaking in Public Grade 7 Silver Medal Distinction 
  • Amalie L Acting Solo Grade 3 Distinction 
  • Oscar H Acting Solo Grade 4 Distinction 

Ms Easteal, Mrs Charters & Ms Moor
Teachers of LAMDA at Felsted

LAMDA at Felsted


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