L6th Drama Workshop with Frantic Assembly

By Nick S, Year 12

On Monday 18 January myself and the rest of Lower Sixth Drama engaged in an online drama workshop with Sean Holland from Frantic Assembly. For those of you that don’t know the company, they are most famous for their amazing choreography and lifts; they were responsible for the choreography of the stage version of ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime’.

This was a very interesting workshop; having to participate in it from home was challenging however, I would say it was successful and very helpful in understanding how a theatre company engages in the devising process (which we will be starting when we return to school). 

We started with a warmup which required us to do some stretching and physical activity such as pushups, v sits and star jumps. We then had to grab 3 things from around our house; something shiny, something that we could play with and something meaningful.  Later we would used these as props in some improvised drama. The main activity of the workshop was based on interaction with a door, without opening the door. 

We came up with a sequence of movements against the door and then tried to see how we could seamlessly transition our movements together. When we showed them to one another some of us performed them at a faster pace or slower pace to see the difference pace makes. 

We also were made aware of the differences in people’s doors and therefore how set design can make a difference to devising and thus people’s movements.  For example having windows in the door and so being able to look through them, made for a very different performance. Overall, this was a very useful workshop to help us research and develop strategies for devising.

It was also very interesting to learn more about Frantic as a theatre company. I would like to thank Sean Holland and Frantic Assembly for helping us learn more about devising and taking time to come and do the workshop with us. I would also like to thank Mrs Donaldson for organising the workshop as it was an enjoyable experience. 

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