Goodnight Mister Tom - Cast Member Perspective

By Nick Scofield (Yr 10)

Once you step through the doors to the stage and see the audience, the rush makes it all the more exciting.

The production of ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ took hours of intense rehearsals and throwing everything into learning lines and blocking / movements. 

Rehearsals were fun; we would often split off into our two separate casts. On occasion, we would go about rehearsing individual scenes, learning the lines and the movement throughout. This was how we operated for the first half of term. 

At the end of rehearsals we would sometimes perform our individual scenes to the rest of the cast. Just before the holidays we were measured up for our costumes by the ‘Dressing Up Box’ owner Amanda ready for our return. When we broke up for half term it was up to us to go about learning our lines. Some of us were on holiday, but we still had to find the time to learn the lines.

When we returned from our break, we had the wonderful set ready for us; we were in awe of the hours of dedication that Howard and his crew had put into the build. The set allowed us to take rehearsals to another level. We no longer had scripts in hand and we had a fantastic set to rehearse our scenes on. This made everything feel so much more fluid. We also had our costumes which were fitted especially for us. The set was so much fun to work with, it had many compartments that allowed more scenes to have additional props.

As the performance date drew nearer rehearsals grew more intense, we had much longer rehearsals but they still had the same fun and flair they had to start with. We only had a week to work and so everyone was at full speed.  Our opening performance night arrived and everything was very fast. The people doing make-up didn’t get a break adding special effects makeup and stage makeup to cast members’ faces during the performance too. Everyone was changed and ready to go. When you get the call that it is time to go on, the adrenaline kicks in rushing through you with the same intensity of every rehearsal’s intensity leading up to this moment. Waiting backstage getting into character. Becoming the character.

Once you step through the doors to the stage and see the audience, the rush makes it all the more exciting. The nerves are there, but once you hear the crowd laugh / react, it all seems that much easier.
The backstage crew running and sorting out everything makes the job of the actors so much easier because, thanks to them, we only have to worry about the acting. The performance goes so fast but it is so enjoyable. Seeing everything that you have rehearsed for the past eight weeks fall perfectly into place is spectacular.  

Once that performance is over and you walk out to bow in front of the audience, that feeling makes you realise all that you have worked towards and how worth it, it is. Thank you to Mrs Donaldson, Mr Mann, Howard Smith and everyone who helped to create this outstanding production.

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