Felsted Twins Show Exceptional Musical Talent

Felsted School Twins Hannah and Owen Page are both showing exceptional talent in music, performing well above their age group in a number of instruments.  

Hannah has recently achieved an ARSM Diploma in Violin and her Grade 7 in Clarinet, whilst her brother Owen has just achieved his Grade 8 Guitar and Grade 7 Piano.

The twins joined Felsted Prep School at the age of 11 as Music Scholars and since their transition to the senior school in Year 9, they have remained fully involved with every opportunity the Felsted Music Department has to offer, including playing in a number of events with the Steel Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra and Choir.


“There have been so many opportunities at Felsted that I would never have been able to get elsewhere.” comments Hannah  “I’ve performed solos and in a band for in-school music competitions; sung at the O2; been interviewed on radio and played for the elderly at the Felsted Mission Church.”

Director of Music at Felsted Prep, Owen Rees comments; ‘Between the two of them, the twins have participated in all our co-curricular Music groups at Felsted. Collaborating with others in Music is what it is all about, and with their advanced ability they have really contributed to some top quality Musical performances at Felsted.”

Hannah has also taken a number of vocal exams and currently has her Grade 7 in Classical Singing and Grade 8 in Musical Theatre. Both twins intend to continue with their love of music and are already working towards their next awards, with Hannah hoping to achieve her Grade 8 Clarinet and Owen looking at getting his Diploma in Guitar.

Owen comments; “Despite lockdown restrictions Felsted’s Music Department continues to do an amazing job at keeping everything fun and varied. My teachers have all been a great inspiration to me.”

Director of Music at Felsted Senior School, William Warns comments; "I am very proud of everything that Hannah and Owen have achieved during their time at Felsted and it is a testament to their hard work and dedication. I look forward to seeing them develop their musical skills further in the future and celebrating more successes."

Music is a strong discipline at Felsted, with opportunities for musicians at all levels, starting with every pupil playing an instrument from the youngest years. Pupils performed exceptionally well in their latest music exams with many achieving distinctions up to Grade 8 and two pupils gaining an ARSM Diploma. Felsted currently holds a unique partnership with Junior Guildhall, allowing talented musicians an integrated programme with the Felsted Music Department as well as the opportunity to study at a top conservatoire in London on Saturdays.

Music at Felsted