'Doctor Faustus’ in Felsted's Hunt Theatre

By Mrs M Donaldson, Director of Performing Arts
On Wednesday 11 March, the Performing Arts Department hosted Splendid Theatre Company and their outstanding touring production of ‘Doctor Faustus’. Kerry Frampton’s adaptation of Marlowe’s iconic work was an hour of incredible theatre, where Nick Crosbie, Grace Goulding and Tanya Muchanyuka impressed all the Senior Drama pupils and staff with their heightened, epic, energetic and highly interactive performance.

Before the show, Yr 10 and L6 pupils were treated to a practical workshop led by Crosbie on how to employ Splendid acting methods. The pupils were in awe of Crosbie and his fellow actors and enjoyed the opportunity to work practically with the company. A wonderful time was had by all.

Drama at Felsted