Daniel's TV Debut

By Daniel S-O'B (Yr 12)
On the 25 and 26 January I went up to Layer Marney Tower, as part of some work experience Mrs Stefanini had helped me set up, where I worked primarily as a runner for Blakeway production company in filming a docu-drama show for Channel 5 called 'The Two Elizabeths'.

Despite the early call-times and the late end times, the day primarily consisted of moving props, getting the set ready for shooting and making myself useful for the director and AD's to use at their will. That's what I thought the weekend would consist of, luring myself into a false sense of comfort before being told by the Line Manager that they would need me to stand in as an extra during both days, the first day as a guard (strangely resembling that of Don Quixote) and on the second day a messenger.

Overall it was an amazing experience and very insightful for me as someone wanting to go into the world of film and television in the future as it allowed me to see how a professional production is run and managed efficiently.

Drama at Felsted