Amazing Set of Music Exam Results

During the last term, many of our Music students took various music practical examinations from Grade 1 to Diploma level. We would like to congratulate them on all their hard work in achieving a wonderful set of results in this challenging time.

A particular mention in the Prep School to Lula R, Harry R and Petra S who all achieved Grade 5 and Beatrice M and Ben L for their Trinity Gr 3 and 4 respectively in Cello, achieving Distinction! In the Senior School, a special mention to Max C, Owen P, Holly P and Cameron W who all achieved the extremely high standard of Grade 8 as well as to Hannah P and Francesca S who gained their ARSM Diploma with a Merit and Distinction respectively!


Prep School results:

Isabella E. Grade 1 Non Pedal Harp - Distinction
Stanley W. Grade 1 Piano - Pass
Thea W-N. Prep test Piano Prep Test
Ava B-D. Prep test Prep Test Piano
Ottilia T. Prep test Prep Test Piano
Hugo C. Grade 1 Eb Alto Sax - Pass
Charlotte B. Grade 2 Descant Recorder - Merit
Savannah V V. Prep test Piano Prep Test
George W. Prep test Piano Prep Test
George W. Grade 1 Electric Guitar - Merit
Tilly C. Grade 1 Rock and Pop Guitar - Distinction
Tilly C. Grade 2 Rock and Pop Guitar - Merit
Lucas Y. Grade 4 Piano - Distinction
Harry M. Grade 2 Violin - Pass
Amelia H. Prep test Prep Test - Piano
Hannah B. Grade 1 Eb Alto Sax - Pass
Dalen K. Grade 3 Viola - Pass
Oliver B. Grade 2 Viola - Pass
Georgia H. Grade 3 Flute - Pass
Petra S. Grade 5 Piano - Merit
George E. Grade 4 Trinity Rock & Pop Drums - Merit
Harry R. Grade 5 Singing - Merit
Roberta D. Grade 4 Clarinet - Pass
Skye S. Grade 1 Piano - Pass
Arabella P. Grade 1 Eb Alto Sax - Merit
Roberta D. Grade 3 Eb Alto Sax - Merit
Lula R. Grade 5 Eb Alto Sax - Merit
Beatrice M. Trinity Gr 3 Cello - Distinction
Ben L. Trinity Gr 4 Cello - Distinction


Senior School results:

Sebastian S. Grade 1 Piano - Pass
Sissy S. Grade 1 Singing - Pass
Phoebe H. Grade 2 Piano - Distinction
Sissy S. Grade 2 Piano - Pass
Ava S. Grade 2 Piano - Merit
Austin K. Grade 3 Violin - Pass
Olivia R. Grade 3 Piano - Distinction
Makar C. Grade 5 Alto Sax - Merit
Tegan C. Grade 5 Piano - Pass
Olivia R. Grade 5 ‘Cello - Distinction
Thomas R. Grade 5 Alto Sax - Merit
Isabelle S. Grade 5 Piano - Pass
Deborah A. Grade 6 Violin - Merit
Hannah P. Grade 7 Clarinet - Merit
Owen P. Grade 7 Piano - Merit
Toby S. Grade 7 Alto Sax - Pass
Max C. Grade 8 Singing - Merit
Holly P. Grade 8 Singing - Distinction
Owen P. Grade 8 Guitar - Merit
Cameron W. Grade 8 Drum Kit - Pass
Hannah P. ARSM Diploma Violin - Merit
Francesca S. ARSM Diploma Flute - Distinction

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