ABRSM Practical Music Exam Results

By Mr William Warns, Felsted's Director of Music

In June 2021, we had a 50 ABRSM Practical Music Exams taking place across the Prep and Senior School at Felsted. Practical Music Exams assess the quality of music-making and candidates are required to demonstrate their performance skills through pieces or songs, technical skills through scales and arpeggios, notation skills through a sight-reading test, and listening skills and musical perception through aural tests.


  • Ava S. Singing Grade 3 Distinction
  • Joseph B. Piano Grade 4 Pass
  • Florence V.-V. Singing Grade 4 Pass
  • Tegan C. Oboe Grade 5 Distinction
  • Hannah P. Alto Saxophone Grade 5 Distinction
  • Olivia R. Singing Grade 5 Distinction
  • Lindsay V.-V. Singing Grade 5 Pass
  • Helen M. Singing Grade 6 Distinction
  • Ewan C. Organ Grade 7 Distinction
  • Ambrose L. Piano Grade 7 Merit
  • Mariella B. Percussion Grade 8 Distinction

Many congratulations on these brilliant results - well done to everyone who took an exam.

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