Years 5 and 6 Trip to see The Lion King

Years 5 and 6 went up to London to see the Westend production of The Lion King in advance of their own upcoming production.

A report by Alexi P and Amar T

We really enjoyed watching The Lion King this week. The viewing experience was amazing, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope. The stage itself was a thing of wonder, it never seemed to be in one place. At different times it raised up to make hills and had walls coming out of the sides. It also had plants erupting from the ground, curtains dropping from the ceilings, as well as pride rock being lifted from centre-stage. It even had a whole bridge coming out of the stage floor.


The characters were both serious and humorous at the same time.The production included lots of stunning puppets which added interesting movements and made everyone laugh! There were fascinating animals that felt like they came from the savannah themselves, which is very similar to our school play.

There were birds flying above the heads of the people on stage and very near to the audience. We do feel however that the masks that we have built for our Felsted play are even better! One of the things that makes our play so special is the fact that each of us will be playing a creature rather than controlling a puppet. This adds a new perspective to the movement of the animals.

In the Lion King the singing was incredible, filling the entire theatre with enchanting melodies.The songs stuck in your head days after the performance, there were drums galore and an entire orchestra making you want to get lost in the music and rhythms .

In conclusion, our experience watching The Lion King was AMAZING!


Thank you to all the staff that made this trip possible especially to Mrs Clarke and Erika for all their hard work and organisation. 

We are sure you will enjoy our astonishing version just as much! 

We have been working really hard as a whole cast  and it sounds and looks incredible! We can't wait for you to join in the FUN!  ROOOOAR!!!!