Silas Turner Jones - Marshall Aerospace & Defence

Silas Turner Jones secured A Levels in Maths, Physics and Design Technology (AAB grades) in 2019. However, instead of taking the traditional university route like many of his peers, Silas chose the increasingly popular 'earn and learn' pathway, securing an engineering apprenticeship with Marshall Aerospace & Defence in Cambridge, renowned for its ability to design, manufacture, test and certify engineering solutions for the civil and military aerospace and defence markets.

Marshall has been training apprentices for nearly 100 years so there is a wealth of experience and expertise in the training that is delivered.

During the apprenticeship Silas will achieve three qualifications over a 4 year period; a level 2 Diploma in Aerospace and Aviation Engineering, a level 4 Diploma in Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing and finally a BEng degree in Aerospace Engineering. The level 2 qualification will be taken alongside practical work with the degree work being studied as a day release at the University of Lancashire.

“I chose the apprenticeship route because I wanted to gain more experience in the workplace while also being able to reach the same qualification level and progress my career in an experienced based way rather than purely a theoretical understanding of engineering. I had also prepared a UCAS application as I only discovered the true range of apprenticeship options midway through my U6th year. I had accepted an offer from the University of Bath but decided that the apprentice route would be of much greater benefit to me in the long run.”

Silas also achieved an A grade in his Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and was an Arkwright Scholar, sponsored by the RAF Halton Apprentice Trust for his Sixth Form years. He was also a colour sergeant in the CCF and captained the 2nds rugby and 3rds (CCAs) hockey.

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