Sarah Brook - Charity Founder

Follyfield & Garnetts 2006-2008

Sarah Brook is the CEO and founder of ‘The Sparkle Foundation’, a charity whose aim is to build and maintain an orphanage for children in Malawi. Sarah set up the charity whilst studying at Exeter University, following a hugely emotive response to a gap year experience. Since 2016 Felsted has raised over £100,000 for the charity which has resulted in water provision, classrooms and transport for the orphanage, amongst other things. 

In less than three decades, Sarah experienced the kind of dramatic events you would only expect to see in an action movie. Held at knife point, suffered a severe brain injury, wrongfully arrested in Malawi and rushed to hospital for a life threatening operation; these moments have been an all too true reality for the young British charity worker and entrepreneur, and have all given her an unwavering will to succeed and do good.

After receiving emergency medical treatment for a life threatening condition in Africa at the start of her gap year abroad, Sarah created a charity which improves the lives, education and wellbeing of thousands of vulnerable children and the local community in Malawi. To raise the vital funds which keep the Sparkle Malawi projects alive, Sarah is now an award winning motivational speaker who travels the world upon the invitation to speak at high profile events with global organizations and educational institutions. 

Her story is one that needs to be heard to be believed. She works tirelessly to communicate the messages of Sparkle Malawi and to talk directly to the corporate world, students and young children who want to understand more about her journey and to learn from her resilience, leadership, motivation and determination.