Ruoqi - Beijing

I joined Felsted because I’d been to the Felsted Summer School two years before. I absolutely loved the atmosphere here and knew it was where I wanted to study.

I studied A Levels in Business, Maths and Physics. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a drop in at the Sixth Form Centre, so you can go and ask the teacher any questions you have and they help you figure out your personal statement. That was really helpful. Felsted teachers helped me make my personal statement more rational and reasonable, which really helped me with my application.

I think I have become more confident since coming to Felsted as teachers encourage you to speak more in your lesson or encourage you to communicate more with people and that really helped me build my confidence. The best experience is that I made friends with people from different countries. It was great to live with all the other girls together in one boarding house in our final year. It really felt like we were one big family and we all showed love and support and kindness to each other.


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