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My first week in an English school

My name is Maxime G. I’m a full border in Felsted Prep School and I come from the tiny city of Monaco. During my first week I discovered the school and I was very lucky to meet a lot of very nice students and teachers.

I was very surprised that I have got used to the language very quickly and it has really helped my English. The first lessons were a bit hard but they went well and quickly, even if I was a bit lost the first few days.

In boarding I have a lot of friends as well and the staff are also very kind. We have a lot of fun in boarding and have lots of fun on the field below. The boarding team are very nice and helped me lots, especially in the first few days when I missed my parents. At the weekend we have a lot of fun and we can go into each other’s dorms; for example this weekend we went to Chelmsford and it was great.

I feel this school is very good and I'm really enjoying my time spent in the boarding house.

Felsted Prep School Boarding


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