How the IB Prepared me for University Life at Cambridge

Since finishing the IB and leaving Felsted I have continued to stretch myself academically. At the time of writing, I have just reached the half way point of a Classics degree at the University of Cambridge - how the time has flown!

As to be expected, the workload is intense at Cambridge and requires a great deal of self-discipline, time management, and compartmentalisation - completing the IB Diploma helped to prepare me for all of these things, especially as my degree is made up of 5 disciplines, so I must ensure that I give the required attention to each.

As well as helping to prepare me in the ways that you would anticipate, with the Extended Essay process being something I now complete every week for supervisions, the IB gave me a knowledge base that is wide enough to crop up frequently in conversation, meaning that I always feel competent engaging with my peers across a range of topics, perhaps more so that had I taken A Levels.

The IB Diploma at Felsted

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