Wellbeing & Music 

We are so privileged to be part of a School that places Music at the heart of its ethos. Whether this be through singing in Chapel, performing on the stage, simply practising our instruments or even coming together for our annual League Music event, we are surrounded by different musical opportunities. 

Music is a fantastic tool that can really help you to ‘be in the moment.’ When practising, we can become aware of the different sounds, rhythm and emotions that different tunes evoke. Then there is that wonderful feeling of satisfaction, of knowing that you have made it through a new piece for the first time and that you have pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone.

It can also sometimes be a great comfort to have music on in the background when we are focusing on something else. We all have our favourite artists and composers that we can relate to and that evoke certain feelings within us. Earlier this year in our Spring Wellbeing Assembly, we saw how Nicola Benedetti really allowed the music to flow through her performance. She was giving herself that time to explore every note and the feelings that it conveyed. 

So, over the long summer holidays when you are practising your instruments or having a good sing-along, try and allow the music to connect you to the present moment. Allow yourself that little extra bit of time to be mindful with your music. 

Here are some simple mindful tips to try when practising your music:

  • What emotions does the tune that you are playing (or singing) conjure up?
  • Try and practise your piece of music in a different order. Change the melody and dynamics around so that you are more aware of how different parts stitch together. 
  • When you make it to the end of the piece, allow yourself that moment of satisfaction for what you have achieved. 

Try not to rush yourself when practising. Afford yourself that little extra bit of time to really notice how you are building that connection with your instrument - just like Nicola Benedetti. 

Wellbeing at Felsted