Volunteering With Farleigh Hospice

By Jasmine Irvine-Scott (Yr 12)

Over the past 6 months I have been a volunteer for Farleigh Hospice, and to commemorate my commitment to the charity, I was invited to a volunteer celebration event on Thursday at the Hospice itself. It was a pleasure meeting people who worked at the grounds, HR, carers, or even the receptionists when I first arrived.

The building has such a wonderful aura about it, and the aims and visions of this charity is phenomenal. It was a pleasure to hear they are potentially opening another Farleigh Hospice in Maldon!

Regularly after school on Saturdays from 3-5pm, and during the school holidays I volunteer down at the local Dunmow Farleigh charity shop to give back some time to the community outside of school hours. 

My highlight was working on the Farleigh stall at the The Dunmow Christmas Light Night on the 1 December as the atmosphere truly brought the whole community together, and we got to spread some of the Farleigh ‘love and care’. 

Pleasingly, a great amount of money was raised from the stall that day. 

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