Senior School Virtual Chapel - 03.07.20


Good morning,

Practice makes perfect we are told - I suppose there are a lot of things for us to practice! One thing we might want to begin with this summer is Compassionate Chat.

Compassion for others is vital, being careful with ourselves is also important. We often speak to ourselves far, far more harshly than we do to others. Watching how we speak to those around us is key, empathy is essential; being aware of what we tell ourselves and being able to stream out overly self-critical words is no less a skill for us to practice.

In Virtual Chapel this morning we hear a lament and listen to some compassionate advice.

Here is the link:

I hope you enjoy.

Finally, congratulations for this year.! Thank you for playing your part in the life of Felsted School.

Please be assured of my prayers for the summer.

God bless