Safi Coffee Shop Launch Marked with Schools Visit

Felsted School celebrated the reopening of their much-loved coffee shop, serving delicious Safi Coffee, by welcoming partner schools Highgate, Hull Collegiate and Newstead Wood Schools. 


Staff and students from Highgate, Hull Collegiate and Newstead Wood Schools at the Felsted School relaunch.


“It was great to be able to relaunch the Safi Coffee shop at Felsted School in order to support our partners in Uganda” comments Felsted School’s Chaplain Reverend Nigel Little. “We know that every sip of coffee changes lives by providing education.”

Safi Coffee is a special pupil-led initiative between these four schools that imports Ugandan coffee to sell across the UK, raising vital funds to change lives. Through links with Teach Uganda, one of Felsted’s core charities, the school teams discovered that the coffee grown in the South West Region of the country is one of the best tasting coffees in the world. Felsted pupils visit Uganda every two years, teaching in schools and working in the community where they tend to their coffee plantation. Sadly many children do not get the chance to attend school in Uganda. It costs just £180 to fund a child to attend school for a full year including accommodation, food, water and healthcare.

The Felsted Environment & Service Group are supporting this initiative which has included helping redesign the coffee shop, and working with parents and local businesses to promote and sell Safi Coffee.

“What a fantastic day we had at Felsted. I am immensely proud of how far we have grown.” comments Carrie Mertens, Director of Safi Coffee. “Our partnership with Felsted, Highgate and now Newstead Wood School, has added so much to the project. To see pupils from each school engage with Safi Coffee is hugely exciting. They are learning new business skills and experiences which will allow them to present Safi confidently to the community in order to increase sales which will provide even more children in Uganda with the education and opportunities they deserve.”

Learn more about Safi at Felsted