Safi Coffee Ambassadors Pitch to Major International Hotel Company

Students from Prep and Senior stepped into the boardroom of a major international hotel company to present Safi Coffee.- the delicious Arabica coffee that is grown by the families of children at Great Lakes High School in Uganda. 


The Felsted Safi Coffee Ambassadors asked the group to join the entrepreneurial partnership and treat their guests to the taste of Safi Coffee. The team focused on the idea that Safi is a ‘2 in 1’ product - it tastes great and it helps others as well.

Safi Coffee is grown in Uganda on the borders of the Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest. It is a partnership of four schools in the UK and Great Lakes High School in Uganda. Sales have supported the building of four primary schools and a secondary school. It costs just £180pa to provide a child in Uganda with education, boarding, food, fresh water and some health care. Safi Coffee currently supports 40 children in Uganda. 

The Ambassadors presented to executives from the Hamilton Pyramid Group, at their London office in Canary Wharf. Read some of their thoughts below:

Henry, Year 9, said: “The trip helped show the impact that many small actions can have.” Bendix, the pupil Chair of Felsted Safi,  added: “Pitching to Hamilton Hotel Partners has certainly been a superb step to supporting children in Ugandan schools.”

Eager to show off the environmental credentials of Safi and its impact on corporate CSR, Lukas said: “It is amazing to see the impact one can have on the greater good through little things like these”  The coffee is roasted by Lincoln and York, the UK’s largest independent coffee roasters, it is sustainably sourced to protect the rainforest and many of the pupils it helps are girls who may otherwise find it difficult to gain an education. 


Mary, Year 12, says, :”The chance to be able to prepare and present a pitch to such a large scale business has been one which has lent many valuable skills. It has been brilliant to represent this outstanding initiative to help give something back.” Anya, Year 7, agreed, :”Going to meet Hamilton Hotels was a fantastic experience that taught me a lot. I have heard a lot about business meetings like these and I am very privileged to actually take part in one and make the case for something so beneficial as Safi’

Charlie and Ocean summed up their thoughts and hoped that the educational and entrepreneurial partnership could flourish, adding, ‘I really enjoyed this experience and I can take away a lot from it. Also it’s for a great cause as well as life lessons. I’m very happy that we could help and I that all goes well in the future.” ‘ “I really enjoyed this experience. I feel very privileged, will hold on to this experience forever and apply some techniques that I picked up for later in life.”

Pierre: Vice President concluded, ‘Being able to walk in a building, where the biggest companies in today’s world operate, in order to present Safi Coffee to one of them has really made me realise the size of impact our coffee could have on Ugandan children. We are very grateful to  everyone at the Hamilton Pyramid hotel group for hosting us and we hope that we can do something really worthwhile together.’

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