Safi Coffee Ambassadors

Safi Coffee is a student-led initiative that provides the children in Uganda with the opportunity to receive the education that they need. Safi Coffee comes directly from the plantations in Uganda providing fresh coffee beans. The coffee is shipped to the UK, where it is roasted and packaged by Lincoln & York Roasters.  

Our partners Highgate School and Hull Collegiate are coordinating with us to share the good news about Safi Coffee.  As Safi Ambassadors we are developing business skills and helping to drive a social enterprise both nationally and internationally. Throughout the summer we gave packets of Safi Coffee and homemade cards to local care homes, to the Colchester, Broomfield and the Royal Free hospital. We know Felsted’s kindness has been greatly appreciated. 

Uganda remains in lockdown with schools expected to return in February. Years 6, 11 and 13 have been given special permission to return next month (October). Safi Coffee is helping to distribute food parcels to the most vulnerable and maintaining the schools ready to reopen.

There are some simple ways you can help. 

Firstly, order some delicious Safi Coffee from:

You can subscribe and receive a free Safi Keep Cup at:

Please look out for more news from Felsted’s Safi Ambassadors by following us on:  

Instagram: @felstedcharities  / @felstedsafi / @felsted_school 

Twitter: @FelstedSafi / @FelstedSchool / @Opendoor4U 

Thank you for supporting Safi Coffee and making a difference. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us.