Over £2,400 raised for Felsted 5 so far

The Head student team would like to thank everyone so much for participating in the Felsted 5 challenge to raise money for Broomfield Hospital. 

Felstedians rose to the occasion which, this lockdown, was to complete 5 things, tag 5 people and donate £5. A wide range of activities were undertaken, with students, teachers, parents and OFs proving to be very imaginative in their choices. These included baking a 5-tiered cake, playing 5 songs on 5 different instruments and running a route that, on a tracker, created the shape of the number 5.


The amount raised so far is £2,400! This means that we can support the staff and volunteers who have been doing so much to help during the pandemic and contribute towards the opening of the new Woodland Centre. 

In the Senior School a competition was also run to encourage the Houses to take part. The totals have been computed, with top place being taken by Stocks's, closely followed by Follyfield taking silver and Garnetts taking bronze. Congratulations to everyone and thank you, once again, for all your efforts.

Pupils have been working equally hard in the Prep School, with litter picking, 5 wet walks, 5k runs, planting 5 fruit trees and baking 5 cupcakes.

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