Felsted Student Spent Time as an RSM in the CCF

During my time in the CCF (Combined Cadet Force) I have been on four 24 Hour Exercises, three Combat Cadet Exercises and one Central Summer Camp. In these I have had the opportunity to discover various activities that have enhanced my skills, both in and outside of the CCF. 

The 24 hour Exercises teach you how to persevere through a hard day whilst also having an enjoyable day with your friends. Whilst the Combat Cadet gives you a greater insight to Army life while also competing for your school.

My best memory would be leading the CCF on a Remembrance Sunday Parade and the huge sense of pride I gained from this, being able to stand and show the utmost respect to the fallen, while also showing a moment of leadership, it will be something I will never forget. I have been very honoured to serve as the RSM this year and I have enjoyed every friday I have spent with the CCF.

I have loved working through the ranks and having the satisfaction of being promoted higher as my skills have grown. Looking back on how I and others have developed as characters during the CCF is a sense of achievement in itself as we have all started together and we have worked our way up.

I would urge people to join, as from my experience I have made unforgettable moments with  my closest friends and for those already in the CCF I would advise you put your best efforts into it, as what you put in is what you will get out. 

RSM G Stewart.


CCF at Felsted