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Magic Bus Gourmet Dinner

The recent Magic Bus Gourmet Dinner revealed the incredible journey taken by Joe Andrews (Senior School Maths Teacher) and his wife for Magic Bus. They cycled over 9,000 miles to Mumbai and beyond, ending up in New Zealand.

This epic adventure was so compelling to hear about, with their challenges balanced by the kindness that they found wherever they went, and the positive attitudes among people who had so little, but wanted to share what they had with them.

Joe and Verity made the challenge of cycling over 9,000 miles sound as though they had just popped out to the local shop, and their humility was utterly inspiring. To hear their story whilst sampling the most amazing cuisine, cooked by Galvin’s Head Chef and overseen by Chris Galvin himself, made the evening even more special, and a big thank you must go to them for their generosity for this worthwhile cause.
Joe told the school all about his adventure in a recent chapel service, and it is not surprising that so many of the students ended up talking about this when they arrived at their first lesson that morning.  

Photo: Joe and Verity (centre) with Magic Bus representatives Beth & Rahul 

Magic Bus is a remarkable charity that is making a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in India, and to hear Joe and Verity tell us about how it inspired them during their adventure was to recognise why purpose in life is so important.  We are so proud of them for what they have done, and so pleased that, as a school, we are able to support this charity.

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