Inspirational Butler Lecture - Andy Barrow

by Sara Dellipiani (Yr 13)

For this year’s Butler Lecture, Felsted was lucky enough to host Andy Barrow, an ex-Great Britain wheelchair rugby player and inspirational speaker, who spoke to our pupils, staff and guests on the subjects of grasping opportunities and working under pressure. Andy Barrow captained the British wheelchair rugby team from 2005-2010, attending three Paralympic Games, three World Championships, and five European Championships, where his team won three consecutive gold medals.

His inspirational talk covered themes of psychology in sport and working under pressure, with reference to his own experience as captain, motivating his teammates and leading them on the field. Through these examples, he was able to show how all the methods he learnt to use when dealing with certain situations throughout his career, were equally applicable to real life scenarios.

He ended his talk by emphasising the importance of failure, explaining that in life we need to focus on the idea that failure is not a step backwards but rather a step forward to success, as we never learn to move out of our comfort zone if we are unable to learn from our failures.

It was a privilege to have hosted Andy Barrow, an example of someone with great diligence and motivation to speak to us last Friday. All who heard him, from years 9 through to Upper 6, as well as staff and guests, have all drawn a lot from his words.