Felsted Pupils Walk Over 2000 Miles for Teach Uganda

Felsted Prep School hope to educate up to 20 children in Uganda for a year after collectively walking over 2000 miles for the Teach Uganda charity and raising nearly £4K. 

Felsted pupils from Reception to Year 7 alongside Felsted staff walked together in their ‘leagues’, the School’s house system which is represented by 5 colours and includes pupils from mixed year groups in each. The children wore the t-shirt of their league colour and walked the mile route as many times as they were able to, carrying a cup of water to represent the miles that the average Sub-Saraharan African has to walk for water every day.

As the water was coloured for their leagues, the children had to be careful not to spill or drink it on the way round. At the end this was poured into a large bucket and measured to see which league was the most successful at bringing water back safely, making the children think about the daily challenges that those less fortunate face.

Overall Felsted Prep School walked 2174 miles as a school, with most children walking 5 or 6 miles each and the Reception to Year 2 children managing at least 3 miles each. So far they have raised over £3.8K, hopefully allowing them to educate up to 20 children with their Teach Uganda charity partners at the Nyakabungo Primary School.






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